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The world celebrated the International Day of on Thursday 21st, September 2017 under the Theme: Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.  The Rwenzori Regional Day of Peace Celebrations were held on Tuesday 26th Sept. 2017 at Bwesumbu SDA Primary School, Kasese District under the same theme. At the event, the participants  appreciated the cultural diversity that we cherish in the region as different cultural groups presented. Rwenzori region which is on the road to peace building is slowly recovering from the violent conflicts and its believed that through music dance and drama, dialogue and reconciliation and forgiveness, peace will return to the once tourism region. The region lost lives, property and jobs as well as economic activities including tourism  at the height of the violent conflicts from 2014-2016.

 Leaders of cultural groups from the Rwenzori region during the International Day of Peace Celebrations at Bwesumbu SDA, Kasese District.  The cultural groups were drawn from: Bandimagwara Cultural Group from Bundibugyo district,  Basongara Cultural Band, Eco's Band and Nyabingo Cultural Entertainers Group all presented. Bweramuli Youth Group from Ntoroko also presented a skit on human rights promotion.
Bweramuli Youth Drama Club, Ntoroko District, presenting at the International Day of Peace at Bwesumbu SDA, 26th Sept. 2017
From left: Mr. Baker (Bwamba Babwisi), Mr. Kalenzi ( Basongora), Mr. Jolly Kahyana ( Bakonzo) and one of the group members

Bandimagwara Cultural Group from Bundibugyo district, presenting at Bwesumbu SDA on 26th Sept. 2017

Nyakabingo Bakonzo Cultural Group presenting Flute dance, one of the Bakonzo instruments showing sign of peace

From left: the District Woman Councilor and Mr. Wilson Mbathulhowo, District Councilor, representing the district Chairperson at the regional international day of peace on 26th, Sept. 2017

Key messages at the regional international day of peace on 26th Sept. 2017 at Bwesumbu SDA, Kasese district:

Message from the Chief Guest was presented by Hon. Wilson Mbathulhawo, who acknowledged the need for peace and peaceful coexistence in the region. He noted the contributions by the different arms of government, CSOs and the community for participating in the International day of peace events. He further noted that, Kasese district had gone through many years of violent conflicts and it was time for politicians and community to come to terms and talk peace to forge development in the region.

The LCIII Chairperson, Mr. Samson Bagenda, called on the community to cooperate with the security personal in case of arrest  "dont resist arrest, inform your wife to inform the LCI, and after reaching sub county, inform your district councilor and me"

While the speaker of the Esyomango Mr. Jolly Kahyana challenged the community as he paraded the different leaders of the cultural groups present at the function. Jolly noted that there were bad elements from the elders who were misleading the youth, and he gave out his phone contact just in case any one comes in the name of the Obusinga pretending to be helping and registering the youth to join Police to first confirm the information from the LCIII and his office.

The CSOs present were:  RWECO, GHFRD, RICENT, RIDE AFRICA, KRC, RFPJ, EDEN, Media houses.

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