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The Chairperson of the Prime Ministerial Commission Mr. Gadi Mbayahi admitted that there was need for the Bakonzo and Bwamba to dialogue in order to restore peace in the Rwenzori region since the two were the primary actors in the violent conflicts that broke out since 2014. " I admit and suggest the two Prime Ministers from Obusinga and Obudhingiya need to meet and dialogue since the two tribes of Bakonzo and Bwamba are the primary actors in these conflicts" Mr. Gadi was giving a comment at the Rwenzori region leaders and elders dialogue meeting held at Lisieux Guest Centre, Fort Portal on 28th September, 2017.
Hon. Gadi Mbayahi ( standing), chairperson of the OBR Prime Ministerial Commission
Hon. Loice Biira Bwambale, emphasizing a point of peaceful coexistence during her presentation at the regional leaders dialogue at Lisieux Guest Centre, Fort Portal on 28th Sept. 2017 
Hon. Loice Biira Bwambale ( former district woman MP of Kasese district from the 1989 NRC to the 7th Parliament of Uganda and CA delegate). Hon. Loice presented on a topic of the role of cultural institutions in peace building in the Rwenzori Region. She outline five key intervention areas of cultural institutions as provided in the Constitution and other legal instruments made by parliament.
Col. Peter Omola, Bridged Commander, Mountain bridged ( in army uniform) presenting at the leaders dialogue at Lisieux Guest Centre, Fort Portal, 28th Sept. 2017 
Col. Peter Omola presented a paper on the current conflict status/focus and highlights from the security perspectives. The man in uniform noted that winning a war needed community support by providing credible and timely information, he also noted the cooperation sofar with the local leaders in the Rwenzori region. He assured the elders and leaders that, with UPDF, they were protected and expected no more attacks given the establishment of a specialised bridged in mountain war affairs.
While the UPDF 2nd Division Public relations Officer, Maj. Peter Mugisa, reiterated the words of Col. Peter of the UPDF by building the civilian military cooperation ( CIMIC) by participating in community actions like cleaning of towns, health centers and providing medical support, attending sensitization meetings.
RDC- Mr. Asimwe receiving the Foot Peace Ambassadors tool box from the Chairperson RWECO, Rev. Isaiah
The participants were drawn from the districts of Kasese, Kamwenge, Ntoroko and Bundibugyo. Other participants were the elders and cultural institutions and religious leaders representatives from the region.
Rev. Yongeza Mukonzo ( standing in a color) presenting during the leaders dialogue.
Ms. Florence Kintu, Chairperson Rwenzori Women's Forum on Peace ( standing) commenting on  the presentation of Hon. Loice
The leaders dialogue meeting was held under the theme: together for peace and was a break through after the team from Obusinga led by the Hon. Gadi suggested to dialogue with Obudhingiya. RWECO will follow up on that action.

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