Tuesday, September 10, 2013


On 3rd September 2013 at 2:00Pm Kasese Municipality witnessed what we call "People Power People Action" when civil society organisations in the district joined the citizens to demand for accountability from the leaders. Kabarole Research and Resource Center (KRC) that had organised the event worked with other CSOs in the district to make the event what it was.
Hon. Tadeo Muhindo, Kasese District Vice Chairperson, responding to issues raised by the Citizens at Rwenzori Square in Kasese Municipality on 3rd Sept. 2013

The face the citizens campaign was a platform used by the citizens to put leaders to task to account for the period so far spent in Office since they were elected. The key issues raised were about the inadequate service delivery, the poor workmanship and, delivery of empty boxes by the NDA and  corruption cases in the district, scholarships to best performing S.6 students and the state of roads in the Municipality.
Mr. Wilson Asaba, ACAO- Kasese ( first right) listening to the citizens, Hon. Faulati Muhindo (left) making an inquiry before responding to question about why the construction of Kasese market had not taken off and the return of money in the 2012/13 budget by the Municipal council

While sensitizing the citizens on their rights and responsibilities, Mr. Primus of KRC, pointed out that it was the responsibility of every citizen to pay TAX, respect the national symbols as enshrined in the 1995 Uganda Constitution ( as amended from time to time).
Also commenting during the openspace meeting, the RWECO Coordinator, informed the leaders and citizens that information about service delivery was readily available online from: http://www.budget.go.ug/index.php?p=data-srch-top&flag=1

 RWECO also informed the citizens meeting that, the Kasese district budgets and workplans were uploaded on the district website: http://www.kasese.go.ug/ . That was in response to access of information by the citizens that RWECO supported all the 7 districts of the Rwenzori Region with E-Society Centers.

The KRC staff Mr. Patrick, also informed the meeting that, KRC had launched the project in Kasese district and was calling upon citizens and leaders to embrace the project if we must achieve the national objectives on good governance and social accountability.

Reported by RWECO Staff:
Ms. Felestus Masika
Gilbert M


  1. This is really good work.. Leaders have to clear the air on all questions citizens ask.

  2. As well as, we demand for our rights, time is now for the us as citizens also to be part of the game!! Our responsibilities as citizens of Uganda needed to be hightlighted since all messages hinge on rights!! I was delighted by Mr. Primus when he emphasized that, it was our responsibility to pay TAX, thats when we as Ugandans we could hold our leaders accountable since we had a beginning point.

    I believe social accountable should be two-way

    Jimmy B

  3. if the government is reminded of her duties and responsibility by organizations like Rweco, i think good quality results can be realized. this will also seize cases of corruption and improve service delivery to the masses in the district. masses should also show interest as a way of demanding for social accountability.