Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Police man on defilement charges in KASESE

POLICE in Kasese are holding of their own on charges of alleged defilement charges.

The Kasese district officer in charge of criminal investigations department Abas Seenyonjo confirmed the developments when contacted for comment Jan.27 but declined to divulge the details of the case.

Ssenyonjo declined to reveal the identities of the suspect but our reporter has since established his identities from other sources as Sam Thembo the officer in charge of Kiburara police post in Kisinga sub-county Bukonzo county Kasese district.

According to the source within the police force which never wanted to be named because he is not authorized to talk to the press Thembo was picked from his place of work on Sunday and by press time he was still being held at Kasese police station as investigations continue.

Ssenyonjo said once investigations are complete Thembo’s file will be sent to the resident state attorney who will prefer charges against the accused and sanction if for court proceedings.

The CID boss decried of rampant cases of defilement in the district.

He however noted that some parents of the defiled girls report to police after negotiations with the suspect’s failure to pay the negotiated amount of money.

He said there is need for massive sensitization of the general public on the dangers failure to report defilement cases to relevant authorities.
by Michael Karugaba in Kasese

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rwenzori Peoples' Voice: Police summon Kasese town council officials over land sale

Police summon Kasese town council officials over land sale

Police in Kasese have summoned three senior officials of Kasese town council over alleged illegal sale of public land in the town. The accused are the town council chairman, Mr Cosmas Byaruhanga, the Deputy speaker, Mr Charles Masumbuko and the town clerk, Mr Wilson Musabe.
The trio were supposed to appear before the Officer in charge of Electoral, Political and Media crime, Mr Rashid Monday on Tuesday but by 5 pm none had appeared.
Mr Monday said the officers were attending an extra ordinary executive meeting but had promised to appear before his office to record statements.
Land in question
According to a press release from the District NRM office, the land in question includes the old taxi park on Speke Street, area near Nyakasanga police post along Kasese- Fort- Portal high way, the Lions Garden on Stanley Street and area behind Kasese town council offices along Rwenzori Road.
Authorities warned
The release signed by the party administrative secretary, Mr Buduwe Masitaki, warned town council authorities to back off from the sale of any public land.
The plot at old taxi park is currently being used by traders to off load their goods from Kampala and load for village trading centers.
When contacted, Mr Musabe denied knowledge of the summons.

Kasese Resident District Commissioner, Capt James Mwesigye, said he warned the town authorities against sale of any piece of land.

Mr Mwesigye, who also heads the Kasese District Anti-Corruption Committee added, “The agreements are done privately between the council authorities and the buyers but when they fail to agree or buy hot air that’s when they expose what was done in secret”.
By Colombus Tusiime.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Kasese district officials deny misuse of funds

Kasese district officials deny misuse of funds

Three Kasese District Local Government officials accused of alleged misuse of funds for a Gravity Water Flow Scheme have dismissed the reports as false and un researched .

The District Chief Finance Officer [CFO] Ferigo Kambale, Charles Police Mugisa the former chairperson of the Contracts Committee and the District Water Engineer Olweny Lamu stormed The New Vision in Kasese on Wednesday saying the reports were false and un researched.

The Sh. 720 million worth Gravity Flow Scheme is located in Mahango the sub-county comprising the steep mountains overlooking Kasese Municipality.

The trio were responding to a story in the January 10 Sunday Vision edition in which the Kasese Resident District Commissioner Captain James Mwesigye was quoted as ordering the police to arrest the three senior district officials..

“Yes, the RDC’s concerns were genuine . But he hurried in saying what he said because by that time the water project was not yet declared functional”, the trio said almost in chorus.

Earlier, the RDC had received reports from the general public in Mahango sub-county that there was no water flowing through the supply taps of the Gravity Water project system.

The RDC visited the affected area to see for himself and confirm the reports the basis on which he ordered police to take statements from the concerned district officials.

A source in the C.I.D .department at Kasese District Police headquarters confirmed that the trio on the orders of the RDC were called to police to make statements

Police later dispatched a team of investigators who went to Mahango and took pictures at various stand pipes, the police source who said he was not supposed to talk to the Press said on Wednesday [January 13].

The District Water Engineer said, “I had not even issued the Certificate of Verification because all of us were waiting to see if the contractor had done the expected work”, Olweny Lamu claimed.

The CFO said, ‘No money is released without the knowledge of the Chief Administrative Officer and I trust the working methods of the CAO”, Kambale said.

At that time, the deputy CAO Willy Bataringaya was the acting Chief Administrative Officer because the incumbent CAO Giles Kahika was on interdiction over allegations that he had got involved in recruitment of ghost Local Administration Police officers a case that was later waived off and reassumed office. MORE
John B.B.Nzinjah in Kasese 13/01/2010 Kasese district officials deny misuse of funds

The former chairperson of the Contracts Committee, Charles Police Mugisa explained that the contract to construct the gravity flow scheme was genuinely given to a Kasese based company called RUDO Investments Ltd

The New Vision attempts to locate the offices of the company in Kasese town were futile but sources said that the company was owned by two people one called Ruth and another known as Dorothy hence the name of the company RUDO Investments Ltd.

In a telephone contact an official in the Auditor General’s Office in Kasese said, “We are aware of the allegations but we cannot talk to the press and please do not attempt to reveal my name”.

“The RDC acted so early because the Water Engineer had not yet written to say the project had been completed and functional. He should have waited”, a member of the District Public Accounts Committee said but asked to be anonymous because the issue was still with police.

In a face to face contact with The New Vision, the chairperson of Mahango sub-county Community Project Implementation Committee Jackson Mbabo said, “According to the explanation of the Water Engineer, there had been a small mistake with the design of the scheme because after it was corrected, water is flowing and the people have no complaint”.

He said the scheme was designed to have 40 tap stands and that the source was supposed to release 2litres of water per second. “But the volume of water was not enough to adequately feed the number of stands rendering several of the tap stands starved”, Mbabo said.

Mbabo said that district had also later taped two other sources and integrated them into the main source of the scheme.

“And I think the people are happy enjoying the fruits of the NRM government. I do not see why there should be any farce about the project. We want harmony. I am even going now to tell the RDC that the problem had been handled and corrected”.
By John B.B.Nzinjah in Kasese 13/01/2010

Police to arrest three senior civil servants in KASESE

THE Kasese Resident District Commissioner, James Mwesigye, has ordered the Police to arrest three senior civil servants following allegations that they misappropriated over sh700m.
The accused are district water officer Lamu Olweny, the district finance officer Ferigo Kambale and the former chairperson of the district contracts committee Fred Mugisha.
The three recently recorded statements at Kasese police station and asked to report to police weekly.
They were summoned after Mwesigye instructed the Police to arrest them over misusing public money which was meant for the construction of a gravity water flow system.
Funded by Kasese district local government the gravity water project was to extend water services to the lower areas of Rukoki subcounty. Some parts of Mahango where water resources are scarce were also to benefit from the scheme.
Mwesigye explained that out of the 40 tap stands connected to the water system, 17 have never delivered a drop of water and that only five taps are functional.
"The money was meant to construct 40 tap stands but when I went to the area, I was shocked to see only five functional taps" The RDC told Sunday Vision on Friday.
Mwesigye noted that 18 of the tap stands have had water only once a year. When it comes; it is too slow and little to serve the population of over 2,000 families.