Monday, January 30, 2012


28th/01/2012 is a day that will never be forgotten by the residents of Kisinga Sub-County), Bukonzo East Constituency, Kasese District. On this day Citizens witnessed and participated in the launch of a Sub-County “Community Parliament”- a forum where citizens discuss their community development challenges and come up with community based solutions alongside their Local Governments’ authorities.
Important to note is that a Series of activities were conducted ahead of the launch; training of CBO’s on Citizens’ Manifesto popularization and formation of a Community Social Forum (CSF), mobilization of Kisinga Sub County residents and the training of Kabirizi Growers Cooperative Society; the Cooperative Society was trained to support the formation of a CSF and Citizens Manifesto popularization. Finally Good Hope also saw to the election of the Forum’s leadership by Kisinga Sub-County residents. The elected leaders included the Speaker and Deputy, Secretary/Clerk to the Forum and Vice, Treasurer and Vice, Minister in Charge of Education, Minister in Charge of Health Services, Minister in Charge of Agriculture and Minister in Charge of Gender issues. On the same day of the elections the residents present scheduled the date for the CSF launch as on 28th/01/2012 at Kiburara Health Centre II in Kagando Parish.
On 28th Jan around 300 people turned up for the launch, these included farmers, CSOs like KALI, Civil and Political leaders like the Local Council three Chairperson, Sub County District Councilor, District Youths Councilor, Sub County O.C Police and other citizens stretching from all corners of the Sub County. During the launch participants were sensitized on the Citizens’ Manifesto and the concept of Community Social Forum through speeches, Music, Dance and Drama presentations.
On this day, the CSF leadership commenced work by conducting a session on the challenges of Universal Primary Education (UPE) in the Sub County. The session that was moderated by the speaker and the Minister In-Charge of Education invited the audience to react to the motion presented to them. The session challenged the local leaders present to table motions in their Local Councils on building a strong foundation at primary school level by introducing Nursery school section at all primary schools in the Sub County.
Speaking at the function the Local Leaders present commended RWECO/Good Hope for this initiative arguing that this was the beginning of a strong community structure where citizens will from time to time engage their leaders on Good Governance and development concerns in the Sub County. The LCIII Chairperson and O.C-Police for example pledged total support to the forum and requested Good Hope to continue involving them in such functions.
Another Social Forum (which actually will be first since this was just a sample) was scheduled for 25th/ 02/ 2012 in Nsenyi parish at Kisinga Primary School. This forum is expected to address the service delivery challenges in the Health sector in the Sub County. (RIC-NET supported this activity with documentation expertise).

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