Wednesday, December 3, 2014


"A good name is Wealth" as one Prof. referred to Mwalimu Julius Nyerere who left a name and thus a legacy that will forever rule the world. Going by that was a turn for RWECO to share her work on Social Accountability in Uganda. Yes, many tools have been applied but the home made tool that is citizen led was the "CITIZEN'S MANIFESTO". During a training on Social Accountability at MS-TCDC, Arusha Tanzania that was held from 24th-28th Nov. 2014, RWECO staff were among the participants that attracted Social Accountability practitioners from Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, and Tanzania.
Ugandan team at the MS-TCDC 24th-28th Nov. 2014

A question was posed to the participants to share the on their experiences on Social Accountability tools and practices- RWECO staff gave an experience with the Citizens Manifesto in Action which was so interesting to the participants, while one of the facilitators was from Uganda and had the video of the Citizen's Manifesto in Action, which supplemented the experiences shared and the popular version of the Citizen's Manifesto was shared with the participants. As the training went on, the facilitators tuned the attention of the participants to the on going debate in the Parliament of Tanzania based in Dodoma, which was broad cast live right from Tuesday 25th- Friday 28th 2014. The Debate was about the report of the parliamentary committee on corruption scandal in Tanzania. About Tz.Sh. 321 billion had been swindled and Parliament was tasking those involved to pay back the money that would have done alot for the Tanzanian citizens. While in Uganda, the question was on the Ug. Sh. 24 Billion spent on Katosi Road in Mukono?  In Kenya the story was quite different though we can draw some examples on social accountability.  The experiences from Nigeria were  not a surprise given that the participants from Nigeria even informed the class that, what matters is how much Dollars has gone into somebody's pocket no Niras!!!! imagine a country where its currency has been sacrificed because of corruption. But all is not lost, we need to build a culture of hope and restoration amongst the leaders and young generation.

Sharing a light moment after group work: Social Accountability Class
The knowledge and skills gained from the Social Accountability training in Arusha will add more to what RWECO was doing and will build on the strengths and improve on the gaps. As citizens there is need to embrace good governance and participate in build our country. The name Mwalimu Julius Nyerere left in Tanzania will forever rule as he is refereed to as " BABA WA TAIFA" What legacy are we leaving behind our name!!!!!

Jimmy receiving his certificate: 28th Nov. 2014- MS-TCDC Arusha Tanzania

Aluta Continua!

Jimmy B. Odyek