Monday, November 9, 2015


We all believe children are innocent thus should be protected by the community but gone are the days while society looked at children as sign of wealth instead society has looked at children as agents of getting rich thus the increased violence against children and adolescents evidenced in the Rwenzori Region since the conflicts of 1996 emanating from the attacks by the ADF rebels now based in DRCongo.
RWECO staff and Board at the EACF inception meeting on 5th Nov. 2015 at Virina Gardens, Hotel, Kasese Muncipality

Civil society has not looked as children are abused, Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO) with support from the East African Children's Fund (EACF) has launched a project on community-led mechanism to prevent violence against children and adolescents in Kasese district targeting 16 schools in 8 sub counties. RWECO is a membership organisation of KALI, GHFRD, RIDE AFRICA & RICNET. RWECO has also partnered with Kasese Guide Radio (KGR) to deliver on the media component of the project. A total grant of Ugx. 300m has been extended to RWECO and her partners for a period of six months. Practically, Violence against children is on the increase due to the changing society values including lack of economic empowerment by the women, increasing informal crossborder trade, family breakdown, high population pressure on limited resources land in particular, single parenthoods, salt mining and lack of information gaps, early marriages and drug abuse among the adolescents in Kasese district.

The project will apply community-led mechanisms and innovations to engage with women and the youth at community and schools levels, local leaders and also use radio drama as a means of reaching out to the wider public.

The project will share information concerning child rights and responsibilities, speak to the children, encourage participation of children in school activities like debating, organise a first ever children's parliament in Kasese district that shall be attended by all odds of children from all corners of Kasese district.

RWECO and her partners shall keep you updated on this platform


Margret Kidima