Wednesday, May 31, 2017


" We were removed from the forest and just thrown on the outskirts, until some NGOs came here and supported us these things you see here" The King of the Batwa Chieftain in Bundibugyo District reiterated and shaking his head during a community meeting with the Batwa Community in Ntandi Town Council, Bundibugyo District on 30th May, 2017.  A joint team of RWECO including RICNET, RIDE AFRICA and KALI had organised the meeting at which the Ntandi Town Coucncil Local Council (LCIII) chairperson was put to task as to why the Batwa were not considered in the operation wealth creation program. In response the LCIII chairperson, immediately pledged to give maize and potato stems to the Batwa who were willing to go to the garden even when they had no space at their community.

Despite the challenges, the Batwa community are welcoming, have a rich cultural history which is not documented and have almost lost their lutwa language.

King Zito Geffrey lead the Batwa in a traditional dance,  May 30th, 2017

Women and children participating in the dance as  sign of appreciation to RWECO

Not all was lost as the Batwa Community have formed a Community based organistion that they called Batwa Community Tukulakulane Association ( BACOTA). The LCIII chairperson pledged also to support the Batwa if they could register their CBO so as to benefit from government programs like youth livelihoods and women's fund. It was noted that the Batwa through the CBO would lobby other development partners to support their agenda on human rights promotion.
We talk Human Rights now:  the Chairperson of the Batwa Women's Council listening the translation of human rights in Lubwisi

Children, youth and adults and elderly were all assembled in the Roman Catholic Church as main hall for training: 30th May, 2017
While the Batwa are listed as one of the indigenous communities of Uganda ( 1995 Constitution), their history is doted with a life not well led: why long story of our ancestral home was taken away from us, but cant you settle here now was the question many people have asked, but where? if no one was concerned about our plight, our life has changed, intermarriage no more lutwa language, not even a single word written in the history of Uganda about the lutwa language, unless otherwise. We cant continue lamenting what was available must be documented like the cultural heritage. When UWA as asked about the Batwa trail in Semuliki National Park,  they noted that about 6 Batwa guides were identified but the problem was that they dont know the English "Queen's Language"

Thats why RWECO has questioned the integration program of the Batwa community in Bundibugyo district.

RWECO team
Charles Kaliba
Geofrey Bwambale
Micah Mutahunga
Farridah  Ihunde
Jimmy  Odyek

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